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Everyone desires to love and be loved. The pursuit of "true love" is everywhere you look! It's romanticized on TV and in the movies we watch. Countless books and songs are written about it and hundreds of online dating websites and relationship ane abound - lofe of which are designed to "help" you find that special someone to love. So why is "true love" so elusive? Could it be that the picture of love we see in today's culture is nothing more than an illusion? If so, what does real love sex dating and relationship look like?

In this series, you'll discover God's way for finding love, staying in love, and growing in intimacy for a lifetime. If you or someone you know is searching for that special person, suffering the consequences of divorce and not sure what to do next, or looking for biblical advice you can share with someone you love, this is a bedrock, very encouraging message about how to do relationships God's way. Are you in a relationship that is frustrating?

Has the pattern gone on over and over again with different people but no intimacy, no rich connection? Then join Chip as he talks about the secret to a lasting relationship. Most of us long to be in love but how do you know if it's really love or just a very intense flurry of emotions? Join Chip as he explains that you could make the biggest mistake of your life unless you know how to tell the huge difference between love and infatuation.

One can last a lifetime and the other will not stand the test of time. Love sex dating and relationship, if so, join Chip as he shares how you can know, for sure, if you are in love or just infatuated. When relattionship fail to understand the difference between love and sex, we are doomed to failure in both our relationships and our sexuality. Chip shares why knowing the love sex dating and relationship between love and datjng makes datinng the difference in your relationships.

Would you like to know what God thinks about sex? Then join Chip as he explains that, contrary to popular belief, God's not down on sex, He's the one who actually created it. He gave it to relationshio to enjoy it as He designed it! Is it possible to really be pure in a sex-saturated world? Join Chip as he tackles this important and very controversial topic. There is an epidemic in evangelical Christianity, and the epidemic is lust. Do you long for a deep, rich, intimate relationship with a person of the opposite sex that will last a lifetime?

If you ricky martin dating gay movie star ask God what would be the best way to attract a person of the opposite sex, in a way that would please Him and satisfy you, would you like to hear His answer? With that relatoinship, Chip wraps up this series. Living on the Edge exists to help Christians live zex Christians. Your browser does not support JavaScript. Please note, our website relationehip JavaScript to be supported.

Please contact us or click here for assistance. You are using an outdated web browser to view this site. If possible, please upgrade your browser for the best experience. Listen Online Special Offers Message Notes Television Podcasts Archive Station Finder. Love sex dating and relationship teaching series Love Sex relatoonship Lasting Relationships God's Prescription for Enhancing Your Love Life Purchase this series Download Message Notes Everyone desires to love and be loved.

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English Phrasal Verbs for LOVE, SEX, and DATING!

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