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Interracial Marriage And The Extended Family

Robyn McGee, father cut ties after her marriage Paul Taylor, executive vice president, Pew Research Center. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, about 15 percent of new marriages in were between people of different races or ethnicities — nearly twice the rate from 30 years prior. Though interracial marriage is more mainstream, the unions may still cause tension among family members. This is TALK OF THE NATION. I'm John Donvan, in Washington.

Neal Conan is away. Americans are marrying outside intsrracial their races and ethnicities at record rates. What was considered taboo just a few decades ago executive interracial dating for marriages now largely considered OK. Inmarriaegs percent of all new marriages in innterracial country were mixed race, and sure, some of this is a product of immigration trends and population and cold hard math, but it is also the result of changing opinions.

Today, nearly two-thirds of Americans say it would be fine if someone in their family married somebody from a different race or ethnicity. But it's not always fine. It can still be interracoal for the families to accept something that is so different to them. If you married out, as it's called, how did the families take it, your families and the future in-laws?

Our number is Our email address is talk npr. And you can join the conversation on our website. Later on in this program, Charlie Trotter talks about retiring from his restaurant business. But first, we begin with Robyn McGee. She joins us from her office executiv Independence, Missouri. We understand, Robyn, it's a very busy day to you, and we appreciate your time. You wrote an op-ed some time back about executive interracial dating for marriages own family.

You are white, your husband is black. You have a daughter whom you describe as world-class chocolate, which is a Baskin-Robbins reference. When I wrote that article - yeah, thank exeuctive. When I wrote that article, it was a good four years ago, I think, three or four years ago, and I kind of did executive interracial dating for marriages on a whim and didn't realize that it would come back to haunt me like this.

But anyway, I'm happy to be on. Well, it's a complicated thing, really. My history is a little bit complicated because it's not as simple as I married outside my race and then my father disowned me. It marrlages a long journey to that disownership, you might say. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, and a lovely town, lovely people, but they - most of the people there were very much a product of their environment, and that includes my father.

Pretty segregated town when I was growing up interraccial. I imagine things have changed since. But you - most of my friends, you just did not date outside your race. And so I did that when I was a teenager, and I also dated, you know, inside my race, and it was - the one time that I dated outside my race was the time that my father reacted very violently toward me.

I mean it was - he beat me up, you might say. After that, executive interracial dating for marriages mended our relationship executive interracial dating for marriages we kind of went on our way, and I went off to college, and everything was fine. I went off to graduate school in Mississippi, and that's where Executive interracial dating for marriages met my husband, Howard, and fell in love.

And we dated for a good four years, four to five years, and married in I was, in fact I did not - my father didn't know because of - you know, after he had reacted so violently the first time, I hid the relationship from him. In fact, he talked to my husband a couple of times on the phone and did not realize A that he was my boyfriend, and B that he was black. So - which I find interesting too.

So before we got married, I would say a week before our marriage, and we eloped, so this - because we knew, my father had said to me, you know, some time before we got married executive interracial dating for marriages I fro, that had always interraxial a thorn in his side, the issue that I dated outside my race. It always bothered him, and it was always part of our relationship that - it was the crack in our relationship, you might say.

That always bothered him. And he had said to me: I will go to jail before you marry a N-word. So I knew that, you know, we probably would not have a big splashy wedding. We worried about the, you know, if executive interracial dating for marriages anyone here who has a reason to I had - my best friend executive interracial dating for marriages there, and that was it.

Even my mother didn't come to my own wedding. And I sent him a letter a week before we got married, and I said I'm marrying this man. He has his Master's degree. He's just fantastic in so many ways. And he's, you know, marrigaes person I want to spend my life with. Let me ask you this. Let me just stop you for a second. How is his family reacting to all of this? Oh, they were - executive interracial dating for marriages welcomed me with open arms.

I can't say enough good things about Howard's family. His mother is a delight. She, you know, she treats me like a daughter. She's just - they have all been very kind. Howard's parents were not executive interracial dating for marriages and his father died a few years ago but had a chance - we sent him pictures of our daughter at the time, and he - and his extended family as well. His grandparents, his cousins, his uncles, they've all been wonderful.

Robyn, do they know about how your dad feels about it? Have you talked with them about it? That's a good question. Yes, I'm - I think - yes, I mean his mother did. I don't know if, you know, many of — you know, his grandparents and his cousins executive interracial dating for marriages uncles, if they knew, but I'm pretty sure his mother knew. I think I've had some conversations with her about - my parents later divorced after I got married because my mother just top lesbian dating sites free stand being in a relationship where she could talk to me, but my executkve - you know, I would call the house and when he would look on the caller ID and see that it was me, he wouldn't answer the phone.

He would say your daughter is calling. Well, as I said, Robyn, at the beginning, I know that you're taking time out from a very, very busy time at work. Let me just ask you this last quick question, and maybe it can't be a quick answer, but where do you see this resolving with your dad? And I found it interesting that you said he was a product of the time and place where he was raised, which almost sounds as though you have room to cut him a break on this.

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