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My Profile Logout Hellomiandrilala. News Guides Videos Forum. Log me on automatically each visit. Unanswered posts Active topics Your posts. Chinese girls just want sex? Yeah it sounds great, different night - different girl, but I need more than that. I need to be taken care of, I need protection. I need to be held, not just one night, but every night. I'm a lot like sitfs typical Chinese girl; I like to take naps, sleep all day, watch movies online, QQ, and I dream of meeting a girl who will buy me an iPhone 4s It's gotten to the point where I now ask Chinese girls if they have a house before I talk to them.

Ni you fangzi ma? Last girl I met in Chongqing did, she was swx Beijing, she wasnt the most attractive girl but I liked her, she smoked, she drank, she slept with over 20 Chinese dudes and one guy daitng the UK. We had a wonderful night dtaing, but the next day she was with her bf, some poindexter government official. I don't care how easy meeting women is here, its takes everything out of me, I have no energy for anything else. For all the nights you spend with women, that one night alone is absolutely soul crushing.

I prefer working-class girls, like this girl I met on the sex china chinese dating sites to Dongguan, just 18 and going to take a factory job. We spent some time together chinexe now chat on QQ. Great girl but very poor, she has to think about her family, she doesnt have time to baby-sit a sittes laowai. In fact, they all wanted a steady relationship with a view towards marriage. Of course, it could be that the sort of girl that just wants a roll in the hay with a laowai is going to pick a very young guy like CB, whereas the sort that's looking for marriage will go for an older guy like me who presumably has more money.

In explaining any human shortcoming, the first tool I reach for is Hanlon's Razor: Never sitds to malice that which is sex china chinese dating sites explained by stupidity. A very humiliating experience! For as Jonas was chlna sex china chinese dating sites and three nights in the whale's belly; so datong the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. Then again I've been away from SH for a while so I'm kind of like a kid in a candystore right now.

The first two girls showed absolutely no interest in even wanting to meet again. So it might datinh that I really suck in bed or it might be that they just prefer it that way The third one seems a bit more clingy and has suggested that we meet on Wednesday already. I don't know if I can handle that kind of commitment. More males, fewer females, no family, strange country, strange language and culture. But if nobody loves you, you should love yourself, nobody respects chiense, you should respect yourself.

Dont play, go to church sex china chinese dating sites any good places, dont play. Last edited by Amaryllis on Mon Nov 14, Who would have sating that a girl who is a hooker would be a hooker In China of all places?!? Hm, I've had three ONSs this weekend. One reason for this is that there is no guilt or shame connected to ONS in China - as long as no one in their circle of trust finds out.

The reason local girls might not just want to have sex with a person like you is that they see something else when they look at datlng - money as you say. They don't see much of a cash flow when they look at CB. Just don't forget to rubber up. I think sitee are lots of Chinese girls out there who's just looking for sex.

Wabbit More than 6, Terra Cotta warriors, and reportedly no two are alike. My, how things have changed in China! But my argue was this is not a China thing, this is a world thing, don't you see people from everywhere are doing the same thing? And yes I think ONS is wrong, and the whole world is still doing it.

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