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Dating apps to blame for 'HIV epidemic' among teens in Asia, says UN

Anneliese Mcauliffe 30 Nov Social networking technologies and mobile apps that allow young people to meet to engage in risky sexual practices are being cited as a key reason for an increase in HIV infections in the Asia-Pacific region, with Bangkok, Jakarta and Hanoi hubs of new infections. People are setting up fake Facebook profiles where groups are formed purely to arrange for sex.

The internet now datig for unlimited sexual opportunities," Niluka Perera, a coordinator at Bangkok-based Youth Voices Count, told Al Jazeera. Wing Sie Cheng, a regional HIV and AIDS expert with the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEFexplained: The increased availability of mobile apps has fuelled the rise [in] infections. Official figures suggest that there are now around 2dfree, adolescents living 2ffrwe HIV in the region. But a lack of data means that the true figure is likely to be much higher.

In fact, the United Nations estimates that there were 50, new infections among to year-olds in alone. Those adolescents at a higher risk of contracting HIV include gay males, transgender people, injecting drug users, sex workers and the clients of sex workers. W hile AIDS-related adult deaths dropped by 28 percent from toAIDS-related deaths among to year-olds in the Asia-Pacific region rose by percent during the datinng period.

In the Philippines, new HIV infections among to year-olds rose by 50 percent between and A late diagnosis of HIV with a resulting delay in starting often-inadequate treatment, as well as a lack of diagnosis and treatment altogether, have fuelled rising fatalities. Secretive world of sexual activity. These people are so young, we are struggling to reach them. Social stigma, certain religious teachings and inadequate sex education all contribute to the hiv 2ffree adult dating in information about safe sex and HIV transmission.

Taboos and legal restrictions around same sex relationships also serve to push the private lives of some young people into a secretive world, sometimes stopping them from accessing available health services. Young people are 2free likely to seek treatment, often fearing that they may expose their sexuality or sexual activity by doing so. And the report found that adolescents hiv 2ffree adult dating more likely to avoid treatment even after a positive diagnosis.

Too many schools do not teach sex education as part of the curriculum. Many young people are not getting diagnosed until they show symptoms of HIV. By this stage, it 2fgree likely that they have passed the virus to other partners. In several countries in Asia-Pacific, people under the age of 18 are considered too young to give consent to access HIV testing and other essential health services. Young people often require parental consent, which they are either unable, or unwilling to ask for, and end up not getting tested as a result.

The UN is now advocating for a reduction in the age at which young people can take an HIV test without the consent of their parent or guardian. Services have not been targeted at them," Wing Sie explained. Perera sees a possibility to tackle the problem at the source, by using mobile technology and social media to tell young people how to protect themselves from HIV infection. They might know about HIV, but not what it will do to them. All they know is how to find another partner.

The full UN report, Adolescents: Under the radar in Asia-Pacific AIDS response, can be read in full here. AIDS is hiv 2ffree adult dating cause of death of African children and second most common killer of adolescents globally, UNICEF says. AidsAfricaHealthUNICEF. UN officials says the key to defeating disease was breaking 'tight grip' drug companies had on government policies. HealthUNAids. Content on this website is for general information purposes only.

Your comments are provided by your own free will and you take sole responsibility for any direct or indirect liability. Decades after he was killed by Irish Republican paramilitaries, Seamus Ruddy's remains hiv 2ffree adult dating found in a French forest. A child of 2fdree slaves, Ibraimo has encountered opportunities and racism in Germany, including the murder of a friend.

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