Windows 7 updating sucks

Windows Update Never Stops Sucking


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Normally updating my OS is pretty smooth because I use Ubuntu, at times I need to reboot if I install a new kernel for instance, but once I click reboot it reboots and once it's done booting I'm back to the desktop. But in Windows I need to wait super long for it to install the updates, then it takes time to install them again? I don't understand why it's so tedious. And I'm genuinely curious to know why Microsoft has chosen to build their OS like this.

It's the weirdest thing ever. I spend a decent time going through component-based servicing, called "CBS", which handles updates for all versions of Windows. It windows 7 updating sucks introduced in Windows Vista and hasn't changed much since then, at least in terms of the general procedure. When updates start, it's extracting files from the packages and putting them on the system under the WinSxS side-by-side directory. Windows 7 updating sucks, most windows windows 7 updating sucks are in use, so they don't get replaced in the live system until after you reboot.

This is why you see updates run again after reboot, when nothing is in memory. If you reboot again, this is because an update is coded to require a second reboot, for whatever reason. But yes, it's one of my hatreds of Windows because of the speed. Even with SSD's and fast CPU's it's both disk and CPU-bound - it can be slow, especially on a fresh install from DVD.

And as to why it's like this, the answer is just legacy. Windows had to pick a component scheme that didn't break compatibility with XP programs. Do we still need to maintain compatibility with XP apps? How can they hold back their OS because of an OS they don't even support anymore?? You don't want to know how many businesses still use legacy software for their primary processes. Often custom made by some company that no longer exists. If Microsoft didn't include compatibility, it would just mean everyone would still use XP, and the adoption rates of newer Windows versions would be abysmal.

However i'm sure that a company like Microsoft could find a solution for this. The recent advances with Ubuntu on linux come to mind. Perhaps something similar to this with gui supportcould windows 7 updating sucks Windows 10 from the deadweight that is XP. They can't sit on this issue forever. Windows has problems, and sooner or later they'll need to fix them. Welcome to Windows A seriously large portion of the issues people are seeing is because the top layer of functionality was updated, only to reveal that the next however many layers need a rewrite, too.

They're going for it. What do you mean by "They're going for it"? They're not windows 7 updating sucks going to fix the "lower layers" are they? Because their money comes from companies and governments, and they have applications that were built on older technology. I have an application at work that was designed for Windows NT and upgraded for Windows It still works fine.

I'm not in a rush to replace it. Just think if a company were using Apple computers when OSX came around. They would have been forced to replace everything. It happened to me once, I downloaded some script or tool that fixed something so I could do it properly. It's probably a bug if it's stuck for hours. There is a fairly recent update you can download that is supposed to help.

Personally, I use the most recent update pack from winfuture. It's basically an all in one update installer that'll have all the updates up until when the pack was released. The download is bigger but installing is at least somewhat faster because it'll skip the "checking for updates" phase essentially. And that was on a machine with a Core i5 i think?

It's doubly annoying that on the Dell Optiplex s I had to set up, some of the drivers won't install until certain updates are installed first. At my work, we're going through hell with the new OptiPlex s with Samsung NVMe storage. The drivers aren't available for it yet So if we reinstall windows on one, we're basically fucked until Dell releases those drivers.

You need to basically leave it windows 7 updating sucks and maybe even 48 hours for all the updates bullshit to finish. It seems like it doesn't do anything but you just need to leave it alone for an extremely long time and it will eventually be done. Do the manual check, it installs some updates first on its own and then later it installs an update for the Windows update client and u need to repeat the process several times.

Depending on where you picket up your windows 10 there will be a lot of updates, i got a surface pro form a guy that have it stored for months it was brand dating women who were once lesbian but has win 8. From my experience of all windows versions since XP windows update will be slow only if you have way too many updates to be installed or if you're on a relatively slow machine. Sometimes a combination of both.

It seems like you're precisely in the first case. Windows 7 updating sucks was actually the first windows version that fixed this problem for me because everything is installed frequently and more or less uniformly over time instead of "Patch Tuesday" when you get a month worth of updates dumped on you all at the same time.

But if you boot windows once a month that's almost like nothing has changed. I went through a nightmare of windows 7 updating sucks for the past two patch Tuesdays wherein the downloads were stuck at zero.

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