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What Year Was My Martin Guitar Built?

Vintage Guitars Info's Vintage Martin Guitars and Ukes Vintage Guitar Info. Collecting vintage Martin guitars and ukes. General specifications, serial numbers, model information. Private vintage guitar collector. Contact the vintage guitar info guy. Torch peghead inlay and "snowflake" fingerboard inlays as used on to style 45 Martins. Style 15 Style 16 Style 17 Style 18 Style 21 Style 28 Style 35 Style 40 Style 41 Style 42 Style 45 Martin Arch Top Model Info: C-1 C-2 C-3 F-1 F-2 R R F-7 F-9 Martin Ukulele Model Info: Ukuleles "What Type of Vontage Do I have?

The year it was made using the serial number, which exists datjng all Martins and later. The type of guitar flattop, archtop, uke, etc. The body size for flattop guitars generally O, OO, OOO, OM, D, etc. The body style for flattop guitars generally 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 28, etc. Oringinality vintagd any of the parts, such as the bridge or tuners, been changed or modified? How does it play?

First Determine the Year. On Martin guitars, this is pretty easy. Every Martin guitar made in and later, there is a serial number inside the guitar. This number can be used to determine the exact year of manufacture. See the serial number section below for details. A Martin T Tenor guitar kartin strings. Note the nicely grained mahogany top. Dating vintage martin guitars guitar are not very collectible though, as they were sold dating vintage martin guitars the s to the s mostly to transition banjo players to guitar!

Next Determine the Type vuntage Guitar. Most Martin guitars made are "flat top" models. That is, they have a round sound hole in approximately the center of the flat top of the guitar, with a "pin" style bridge. Martin also made some dating vintage martin guitars models during the s. These can have dating vintage martin guitars round sound hole, or two "f" style sound holes one on each side of the top of the bodyand have an arched top, with a "trapeze" style bridge.

Martin also made ukuleles. If a guitar only has four strings and is not a ukulelethis is known as a Vkntage guitar. Uke size instruments with ten string are Tiples. Uke size instruments with eight strings are Taropatches. Martin also made mandolins, which have eight strings. Uke size with 8 strings: Taropatch 8 strings not a Uke: Made only during the s. Flat Top Guitar Body Size. Martin flat top guitars were made in various sizes.

The bigger the guitar body, the better and more collectible the guitar. This is why guitar body size is so important to identify on a Martin flat top guitar. Starting in OctoberMartin stamped the guitar body size right above the serial number inside the guitar. This makes identifying body size on October and later guitar very easy. For flat top guitars made before October guitats, the easiest way to figure out the body size is to use the flat top guitar body size chart below.

Body sizes, pretty much from smallest to biggest, include O, OO, OOO, OM, D. Nearly all Martin instruments reviews in different styles. The higher the style number, the more fancy and dating vintage martin guitars the instrument. Again kartin in OctoberMartin stamped all flat top guitars with the style number, directly after the body size and above the serial number.

Style numbers can range from 15 to A letter can follow the style number too, giving some additional info about the instrument. For example, a "T" after the style number indicates a Tenor guitar. See the general specs section for a full list of these suffixes. Originality of an instrument is very important. Modifications any modificationsare a bad thing in the eyes of a collector. This will greatly influence value. Modifications can often be determined by looking at the model specs for a particular year guitar in this web page, and compare to your instrument.

On flat top martins, the most daying modifications are a replaced bridge, replaced tuners, or replaced frets. Finally, How does the Instrument Play? On Martin dating vintage martin guitars, this is a really big deal. Martins all seem to have a problem with the "neck set" on many of their guitars before High string action is dating vintage martin guitars result, making the guitar very difficult to play. This can only be fixed correctly by a "neck set" removing the neck on the guitar, and refitting the neck at a slightly increased angle, which lowers the string action.

If done correctly, this does not affect the value of the guitar and in fact can make it more valuable, as the guitar is much more playable. This measurement is taken from the bottom of the low-E string, to the top of the 12th fret. This means the neck better be straight, otherwise an expensive repair will be in order.

To check neck straightness on a guitar, first tune the guitar to pitch. Then hold the low-E string down at the 1st and 14th frets. Note the distance between the bottom of the low-E string, and the 7th fret. You should be able to dating vintage martin guitars a medium guitar pick in this space. Any more, and the neck is "bowed". Any less, and the neck is "back bowed". Repeat this with the dating vintage martin guitars string the same results should be seen; if not, the neck has a "twist" to it.

Contact the vintage guitar info guy Back to Table of Contents Introduction and Collectibility. Martin has been making some of the best flat top acoustic guitars since the mid 's. Martin's other lines of instruments electrics, archtops, mandolins is not nearly as desirable or collectible as their flat top models. Because of this, any models other than flat tops such as Martin's archtops and electrics are not very collectible. Brazilian rosewood on niteflirt eat own cum D Note the rich color and wavey figuring which is gutiars of Brazilian rosewood.

Indian rosewood, as used from late and later, is much paler in color; not nearly as rich looking. Indian rosewood is also very straight grained, without the figuring and waveyness of Brazilian rosewood. Acoustically, they sound nearly the same. Flat top Martins from the 's to the 's represent the earliest generation of the modern flat top design.

They have great workmanship, but small bodies designed for gut strings only. Because of this, these models have limited appeal and dating vintage martin guitars are less collectible dating vintage martin guitars steel string models. Twelve and fourteen fret steel string models from the mid 's to are the vintagw collectible of all Martin instruments.

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What Year Was My Martin Guitar Built?

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