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Originally Posted by GUEST Start a Thread Start a Poll. Are these Asian dating websites legitimate? Originally Posted by GUEST Hi there guy I must say i am aware that also as i have been charting with the lady in china also I have been writhing to a lady in china also but when she said she did not have internet i thought hay what in the hell??

Post a Reply to: You can post as a asian dating sites reviews login first or a guest! Get a new code. I found a nice Chinese lady through a free Asian dating website. We started e-mailing each other yes, a Chinese agency is representing her and I'm sure a translator is between us. She is the same age as me flirt analysis and divorced with a child.

She doesn't care if I am rich or poor. She claims she only wants to find her "soul mate", marry, and live a happy life; and, of course, I am sure she wants to improve her quality of life. She wants me to visit her in China, and I am seriously thinking about purchasing tickets. I am still a bit skeptical because of all the negative reviews and scams on various websites.

It seems like it is a hit or miss. Are there any red flags I am missing here? I mean I am not purchasing minutes or paying per e-mail or anything of that nature. The only risk I have is the cost of the trip and hotel accommodations. Could this be the real deal? Nothing in this world is free. The dating site and translator must be making money somehow. Your lady may have borrowed money for these services.

You are exactly right, sir. Since I wrote my original post, I found the agency's website that is representing her. I translated the site through Google Translate. They are charge her a translation fee asian dating sites reviews time I send an e-mail. I wrote back and told them what I had discovered, and I wouldn't be writing until I was ready to visit her. I only hope she did not borrow the money.

I know their wages are low, but she is an engineer. Hopefully, she earns a reasonable living to pay for the service. While there are asian dating sites reviews legitimate dating sites it is illegal asian dating sites reviews China for the agency to broker a marriage to a foreigner. Each email will cost her two translations, one for yours and one for her reply. You are now in a difficult loop. You cannot make direct contact with each other without using the agency. They are unlikely to provide email addresses while they can still make money.

The translation provided will be what the agency want you to know rather than what you or she wants to say. The fees can be substantial and it is not unusual for "clients" to borrow money to fund this. The more unscrupulous agencies will also have details of family members should the "client" fail to pay or skip the country. The debt could be left with them. If you doubt anything, don't make any decision.

Listen to your heart, you will be ok: It often makes me wonder as I have seen photo of a "lady" on one website and same photo on another site with different name, age and city. Best thing is plan a holiday and if you happen to meet her, then its a bonus. I am registered with one site and I get mail from ladies left and right but, really makes me wonder as some of them seem just too unreal.

I would like to explain asian dating sites reviews but, its little bit difficult. Hi there guy I must say i am aware that also as i have been charting with the lady in china also I have been writhing to a lady in china also but when she said she did not have internet i thought hay what in the hell?? This wouldn't be through chnlove dot com by any chance? HA HA HA HA!!! SORRY CANT STOP LAUGHING NO ENGLISH NO LOVENO INTERNET NO CHANCE I am planning to continue my martial arts studies in china and would like to marry there as well.

If you want to stay in China and can afford to buy an apartment and provide a good income there is every chance in the world. There are many divorced ladies in their 40's who are rejected by Chinese suitors because they are too old, or may have a daughter. Your age is not a barrier for them and if you can adapt to Chinese culture they will provide you with a very fullfilling life. However, you cannot work legally in China simply by having a Chinese wife and being over 60 makes finding a legal job even more difficult.

If you are thinking of bringing a Chinese wife back to your country then you should be very cautious.

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Asian - Best Online Dating Sites of 2017

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